2700 Sq Feet Kerala Home Designs, ideas, images

2500 - 2700 Sq Feet Kerala Home Designs

2700 Sq Feet Designs
Designed By MM Jose

As a full service architectural firm located at, Pala near Kottayam Mindscape have come a long way. We work on space. We excel in the creation of better spaces and structures, to be precise. So it is our business to conceive finer and fresher ideas that smells life. That good ideas work anywhere is just another everyday knowledge for us. And we have applied it to better results. A perfect ideation precedes every perfect creation. Therefore at Mindscape we always take mind as the primary tool for work. We believe a body of work evolves only from a strong and consistent process of ideation. Our convictions on architecture run deep in us. And the passion for the art towers up with every new project we execute. So it is always a research oriented exploration at our place. As practitioners of architecture we have definite routes in our discipline. Working on these lines we detoured and made some fantastic excursions creating an array of traditional, contemporary, heritage, adaptive and of course hybrid edifices that highlights our tale. Our departures were all in pursuit of concepts that were nothing but innovative. And the spaces and structures we deliver prove to be highly functional that inspires one in a tasteful manner.

kerala Home Designs
2700 Sq Feet Home

Kitchen Designs

kitchen Designs kerala Home
Kitchen Designs

LivingRoom Designs

Living Room Designs kerala Homes
Living Room

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Home Renovation Plans Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel | kerala

Home Renovation Plans

Home Renovation Plan designs

Home Renovation Plans

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Twin home plans, Designs india | Kerala Home

Twin home plans

Project > Home Design > Floor Plan

Twin home designs
Twin home plans
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Apartment Design Exterior-View Kerala

Apartment Design

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Bedroom Design Kerala Style Photos, Bedroom Design Ideas

Bedroom Design Kerala Style Photos

Bedroom Design kerala

Bedroom Design kerala style

Bedroom Design style

Bedroom Design ideas

master bedroom design

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Top architects in Kerala

Top architects in Kerala

Find the best architects with yabeen.com

Building a home is the result of years of hard work. Now there is solution for all your building problems. With the help of yabeen.com you can find the perfect architects for your home who will help you build your dream home with minimum cost and maximum comfortability.
Yabeen.com is a meeting point for those who are searching for the best solution to build a home and the people who can help them to achieve their goals. Yabeen.com allows the professional architects to build their profiles and display their works. This will be shared onto yabeen's facebook page.  This will enable the users to analyze the works and contract with professionals through the website.
Yabeen.com provides all information about the professional architects who provide a comprehensive architectural and interior design services for residential and commercial properties. They understand the needs and whishes of every customer and Delivers a personalized services with an uncompromisingly high standard. You can make suggestions for your home with the professionals, they can transform you property into a perfect living space with the guidance of your request and routines. Along with this, the experts in designing can make your needs and whishes into reality. Here is some information about the best architects and interior designers in Kerala.

Get the experienced hands for your dream home

Sujith K Natesh is a well experienced architect in Sanskriti Architects, which provides best architectural and interior designing solutions for their customers. Sanskriti architects in Ernakulum provide all support to their clients in finalizing the best contractor who can skillfully erect our designs to a great level of perfection. Architecture studio is one of the best full service home architectural designing companies in Calicut. They specialize in Victorian, colonial, mugal, classic and contemporary concept of luxury and modern style home designs and solutions.
Sreeraj Sis a youngs architect in 4D Architects, Kottayam, which provide services in architecture, interior designing and landscaping and planning.
Arun Vidyasagar is one of the best architect in Kerala and the lead in FOLIAGE, Ernakulam. FOLIAGE is a team of Architects and engineers who are capable of providing a wide range of services from planning and conceptual development to design management services.
 Anoop Chandran is an architect in AMAC architects Interiors and vastu consultancy in Trichur which provides Architectural designing, interior designing and vastu consultancy.
Binu Balakrsihnan is the lead in Leading Designing Architectural studio in Ernakulam. It is a multi-disciplinary architectural design studio based in Cochin providing services in architecture, master planning, sustainable design, urban design, interior design, project management and landscape planning. 

A Johnis a senior and well experienced architect in Anson group of architects and engineers in Kottayam who provide all planning, designing, and all construction works of buildings.

Top Engineers in Kerala

Building your dream home is now in your finger tips

Yabeen.com is website that provide services for those who aspiring to build a home. The main aim of this web portal is to connect the home designing professionals and brands with potential customers. This is a social networking cum business to business platform for the sellers, brands and home designing professionals like architects, engineers and interior designers to showcase their products and services in front of their customers. Yabeen.com also assists their customers to make intelligent decisions regarding the right choice of products and services for their home.
Customers can register their profile and search for the right professionals for free in yabeen.com. They can also search for building materials services and products for home design. Yabeen.com is able to meet will the requirements of a person who builds a new home or renovate one. Professionals will answer all the queries of their customers in yabeen.com.

Find the top engineers in Kerala
Professionals, brands and dealers can also create their profiles in yabeen.com to promote their products. This will make extensive search engine and social media support for them. They can maintain their profiles and upload the details about their projects and services. This will be visible to thousands of users of yabeen.com and the users can save, bookmark or share the details of these projects and the images in their profiles. The users can follow and socialize with these professionals. Users can up to date with the latest trends and developments in the industry with the article and blog section of yabeen.com.

Yabeen.com gives all information about the top engineers in Kerala. Here is a piece of information about the top engineers in Kerala. Abraham George and Mahesh K are two of the top engineers in Kerala. Abraham George is an interior designer and architect in Cochin. He has years of experience in the industry. Maheshis a well experienced civil engineer who successfully completed hundreds of home designing projects. As a civil engineer he can design and manage a variety of construction projects for their clients.


Sewesys Software Labs Pvt. Ltd is a young technology start-up company from Kerala. The dynamic company was founded by Mr. Shibin K Sebastian, a 26 year old media professional who is a Visual Communication (Electronic Media) graduate from Nehru Arts & Science College, Coimbatore. Mr. Gopeekrishnan, a B.Tech graduate from College of Engineering Kidangoor is the COO of the company.


Building Homes is Just a Click away
It seems like the companies in Startup Village have solutions for all your needs. Yabeen.com, a web portal created by Startup Village-incubated  company Sewesys Software Labs Private Limited, provides services for those aspiring to build a house.
The portal aims to connect home design professionals and brands with  potential customers.
“The website is essentially a social networking -cum- B2B platform that  helps brands, sellers and home design professionals (like architects, engineers and interior designers) to promote their products and services, and also assists potential customers make intelligent decisions while  choosing the right products and services to craft their homes,” said Shibin K Sebastian, CEO, Sewesys Software. 
Customers can register their profile for free in Yabeen.com and search for the right professionals, building materials, services or products in home-design. The website caters to almost every needs of a person who builds a new home or renovates one. Apart from that customers can also make enquiries which will be answered by professionals.
“Professionals, brands and dealers can create profiles to promote their products through Yabeen. Not only they get looped into customer enquiries made in the website, they also get extensive Search Engine and Social Media support,” said Gopeekrishnan, COO of the company.

“We plan to add e-Commerce and expand our reach across the country in the future,” said Shibin. The company has its registered office in Pala in addition to its office in Startup Village.